“The real objective is not to learn a language, but to forget you are speaking it.” The ATOLO team


ATOLO in partnership with Johnson & Johnson


Language training solutions for the modern world of work.


Solutions which are exclusively designed to ensure a tangible impact on your performance in a dynamic way while providing you with the flexibility your world requires.

Exclusively designed: Each participant will transmit a needs analysis and will be analysed on the task(s) to develop. This information will enable us to determine your unique learning path, design your exclusive solution and help us set the objectives on which your progress will be assessed.

Tangible Impact: At the end of your path, you will evaluate your progress with your trainer. Our success will be measured by your success in reaching your goals.

Dynamic: The sessions will focus on the need to know and replicate real-life scenarios so that you have a safe yet challenging space to push your limits.

Flexibility: We have intensive, semi-intensive and extended courses. Choose the one which best suits your reality.


What you can expect from us:


  • Solutions which will challenge you to push your limits and ultimately change how you do something for the best.
  • Trainers who not only possess knowledge of teaching a language, but with the skills to follow you deep into your professional content.
  • Someone who is there to make your project theirs and who can understand your reality.



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