You forget you talk the language!
You just perform your job whatever the language!

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.

__Henry Ford, Founder Ford Motor Company

Two is better for you

In Belgium’s complex language setup, having talent that can function professionally in both French and Dutch is becoming increasingly valuable. Not only within teams, but also to communicate with other branches.


Do your people often attend meetings where everyone speaks in their own language? Do they work on projects developed at the level of the parent company? Is it crucial that they do not misunderstand written instructions and emails in the other language?

-  Team Immersion: a unique solution with on the job coaching that develops the learning dynamics within the team, implement feedback culture and ensure long term results.

Listening & Reading comprehension track: focusing on e-mails and meetings in order to have less misunderstandings and a better comprehension strategy.

- Face to face sessions: with role plays simulating the job reality, working with the actual cases, e-mails, documents and themes your people are confronted with at work in order to improve performance for everyday tasks.

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